Flashing Types

  • Barge Flashing
  • Ridge Flashing
  • Valley Flashing
  • Apron Flashing
  • Tapered Flashing
  • Internal Gutters 
  • Custom Flashing of All Types 
  • Flashings With Soft Edges
  • Chimney Back Flashings 
  • Wall Cladding Flashings 
  • Window Flashings 
  • Drop Edge Flashings 
  • Ducting 
  • Rain Heads 
  • Oil Trays 
  • Dust Pans


Flashing Materials

  • Zincalume 0.55
  • Galvanised 0.55
  • Color Coat PCC 0.55 with plastic film 
  • Aluminium 0.90
  • Copper on Request
  • Stainless on Request


24 Different Colours

We carry over 24 of the most popular colours and if we don't have your colour in stock we will order upon request - conditions do apply. 


Standard Flashings

All of or standard colour flashings are made with ZM8 0.55 with a protective plastic film which has a higher resistance to corrosion than your standard colour steel flashing plus they have a better warranty.


    Point of Difference 

    Our flashings are of the highest quality, using New Zealand made steel, we can make flashings up to 8 metres in length. 

    We are roofing specialists with sheet metal trade experience.

    Being a licenced building practitioner we have the experience in what is required to meet the New Zealand building code of practice. 


    We Are More Affordable

    You are coming to the manufacturer so you are not paying the middle man and if you ever have a problem we are local so we will get it sorted.

    You can pick up from our depot, or if you have an order over 50 metres, we will deliver free to your site within a 50 kilometer radius from Coopers Beach. 


    New Zealand Warranty 

    Our products are warranted by a New Zealand Company, PCC Pacific Coil Coaters. You are not paying extra for your ZM8 which other companies charge. 


    24 Hour Turnaround

    That means no wait for your flashings. 


    We Are Local

    We are local and we train and employ locals, support local business and sporting teams. We have been established in the Far North for over twenty years - integrity, honesty and reliability are our key values. 



      If It Can Be Made Out of Sheet Metal We Can Make It!